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The Smugtown Beacon was established in October 2007 by Aaron E. Wicks and Christopher J. Wilmot. Dissatisfied with insipid, fawning and uninspired media content, Wicks and Wilmot have established the Beacon as an independent source of critical news analysis and insightful editorials.

The Smugtown Beacon was inspired by the self-appointed elites of the Greater Rochester, NY area and their peers around the world. Originally described by Curt Gerling in his gentle parody of Rochester society of the 1950's, Smugtown, U.S.A., Smugtown elites can be found in any community. They are distinguished by an inflated sense of self-worth, a paranoid grasp of any form of influence and complete obliviousness of the aforementioned traits. A Smugtown elite sees him/herself as a big fish in a small pond. The rest of us generally see them simply as fish that the local monger left out for sale about a week too long.

The Smugtown Beacon is not afraid to report that the emperor has no clothes. Nor is it concerned about the esteem with which the elite hold us. Our mission is simple: to provide an independent source of analysis and opinion to shine the light of truth on those who purport to lead our community.

Christopher Wilmot - Co-publisher of the Smugtown Beacon Christopher J. Wilmot is the sole owner of Galaxy West, Inc., and, The Western World Holding Corporation; owns 50% of Endless Wave Productions, LLC., 50% of The Smugtown Beacon, LLC, and 65% of How Town Film Productions, LLC. Wilmot's companies specialize in developing website search engine optimization, internet publishing; entertainment, and amusement enterprises. Wilmot's holdings, through these companies include casino operations in Oklahoma and California, and motion picture production companies in Hollywood. Chris Wilmot has co-produced two films, both of which appeared numerous times on the cable TV networks Encore Action Network, The Movie Channel (TMC), and the Showtime Network. Wilmot is the Executive Producer & Producer of a feature length film shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, entitled "Lucky", which is scheduled for worldwide release in the autumn of 2011. Wilmot holds a degree in journalism from St. John Fisher College. Wilmot served on President Clinton's Transition Team as a General Services Administration employee briefly in 1992. Chris Wilmot also was a registered federal lobbyist representing an environmental concern in Washington, D.C. Wilmot worked briefly as a television engineer for WUHF-TV, FOX-31. He is a former Monroe County Legislator, having held office from 1996-2005. Christopher J. Wilmot is a native of the Rochester area, and while he loves his community, he feels Greater Rochester should aspire higher, and could always do better.
Aaaron Wicks - Co-publisher of the Smugtown Beacon Aaron E. Wicks is a lifelong resident of the Rochester area. Wicks holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Rochester where he studied American politics with a specialty in Congressional leadership. He has taught at the University of Memphis, Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Geneseo, St. John Fisher College and Monroe Community College. Wicks has also managed and assisted with several local political campaigns. A former member of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, Wicks is currently an unaffiliated voter, opting to support candidates of all stripes who challenge the status quo and who offer responsible, intelligent leadership to the community.

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