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We'd Like Your Opinion: The Smugtown Beacon Policy Regarding Comments & Attribution

We, the publishers of the Smugtown Beacon, insist that all those wishing to post comments provide their first and last name and their community and state of residence, at the conclusion of their opinions.

We do this in the spirit of full attribution, unlike blogs that allow comments to be published anonymously. We expect our readers to stand behind their comments, as we, the authors are proud to do.

Please note:
The only way to have your comments published is to apply for membership, by providing us a working phone number with your electronic application.  We verify all applicants the old fashioned way, via telephone. 

The software we use does not allow for an automatic, or default 'drop-in' of your first and last name, and community and state of residence, at the end of your comments, as is required by the Smugtown Beacon.  So, every single time you wish to post a comment,  please remember we will not post your comments unless at the end of your comments, you type your first and last name, and the village/town/city, and state, where you reside!

Creating a login will allow you to give us your opinion on articles.

Only your name, a phone number for initial confirmation purposes of attribution, a password, email address, city and state are required to register. 

Please sign up now

How to Enter a Comment:

Step 1: Login with your user name and password (if you have not yet registered, click here to become a member)

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the article you'd like a comment on.

Step 3: Enter your comments in the box labeled What's your opinion? Please provide full attribution by adding your first and last name and your community and state.

Step 4: When the Smugtown Beacon publishers have approved your comments, you will receive a confirmation email.

Thanks very much for your interest and opinions.


Christopher J. Wilmot &
Aaron E. Wicks
Owners and Publishers
The Smugtown Beacon.com
(585) 214-4594

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