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Welcome to Greater Rochester's boldest news, opinion, and information website!
Sacred Cows, beware. We at the Smugtown Beacon welcome you to what we hope will be a provocative, bold, yet highly informative look at local, state, national, and international news and opinion. With the occasional film review and other cultural and artistic commentary as supplement, Smugtown is not for the faint of heart.

Aaron Wicks and I will bust taboos; we will offend elites; we will shine a light on ideas and individuals that would rather remain in the dark, free to continue their deceptive philosophical practices. However, we are not above reproach. This author might be accused of elitism. So be it. Write to me; to us. Here at the Smugtown Beacon, no one, even its publishers, is above critique.

Themes will emerge quickly in the Smugtown Beacon: What are local politicians really talking about, when they speak in 'politically correct' language?  Are all the local public works development projects beneficial to the community, or cost effective to the taxpayer? (i.e. PAETEC's new world HQ; Ren Square). Can there ever really be any urban education reform in the City of Rochester without true integration?

Read on. Give us your feed back. The future of Greater Rochester, and our democracy, may be at stake. Well, probably not, but read on anyway. We trust you will be informed, but we can almost guarantee you will be entertained. Thank you.

Christopher J. Wilmot, Co-Publisher
(585) 214-4594

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