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Thank you very much to every reader who took part in our Rochester Mayoral Special Election poll.  We won't know who wins until after 9:00 tonight, but Smugtown Beacon readers who participated clearly favor Bill Johnson over Tom Richards and Alex White, and believe that former Mayor Johnson will become future Mayor Johnson. Here are the results.

In the Upcoming Special Rochester Mayoral Election, Which Candidate Do You Support?

Bill Johnson 53%
Alex White 32%
Tom Richards 15%

Who Do You Predict Will Win?

Bill Johnson  54% 
Tom Richards 26% 
Alex White  20% 

The last time we had a contested mayor's race, in 2005, turnout was 40%. In 2009, when Bob Duffy ran unopposed, turnout was understandably low, at 19.5%. We shall soon see how many Rochesterians cared to vote today. How will it compare? The majority of you predict that the turnout will be between 16 and 35%.  

Predict Voter Turnout 

Turnout Prediction
less than 15% 18%
16-25% 39%
26-35% 26% 
36-45% 11% 
more than 45%  6%

While turn-out is one way to judge the wisdom of City Council's decision to hold a special election, be wary of anyone who uses the word "mandate" on TV tonight.

Stay tuned to this site for our election "post mortem" and, as always, thanks for reading!

Christopher Wilmot and Aaron Wicks

What's your impression of this election? 
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