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The Final 10 Months of 2013 in Greater Rochester: Politics, Government, & Business
The Final 10 Months of 2013 in Greater Rochester:  Politics, Government, & Business

Not-so-Lovely (political ambition and timing) Warren? Is she as kind and honest as she appears to be, or is she too often pinch hitting for David Gantt?

Monday, February 18, 2013  Rochester, NY -  Some quick, down and dirty predictions, recommendations, and solutions for what ails our region, and how to fix things, leading up to the year 2014. Here goes:

  • Incumbent Democratic Rochester Mayor Tom Richards should run (he said he will), should be nominated by the Monroe County Democratic Committee (unless 'the fix' is in between Morelle and David Gantt), and should win a primary against all comers (specifically City Council President Lovely Warren).  And it is not sexist or racist for Lt. Governor Robert Duffy to ask--or even demand--that the Honorable Lovely Warren not engage in a primary fight against a sitting Mayor (Richards), who by all accounts has done an admirable job, on the heels of Duffy's ascendancy to Lt. Governor, from Rochester City Hall.  Absent proof of mal-intent on the part of Duffy, his request of Warren likely has nothing to do with her gender or race, and everything to do with maintaining stability not only at the corner of Church and Fitzhugh, but within the local Democratic Party.
  • Republicans in the Monroe County Legislature are playing heavy politics by voting to move forward with M.C.C.'s prospective move to the Kodak Office site on State Street.  It is more than a little coincidental that the former and long time owner of the Sibley Building, Thomas C. Wilmot, Sr. (who is also my uncle), is a major Democratic campaign contributor, although he has been supportive of Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks (though not in her unsuccessful Congressional campaign against still-Congresswoman--and Democrat--Louise Slaughter).  The Sibley Building's new owner, The Winn (Development) Companies of Boston claim(s) a Damon Campus move by MCC from the Sibley Building to Kodak Office will cost taxpayers an additional $18 million.  If true, then why would Monroe County Legislative Republicans support such a move?  Perhaps to teach certain people lessons about to which political party one should contribute significant sums?
  • It is long past time for the Chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, Sr. to resign his post as head of local Democrats.  Morelle, our very own local political version of Genghis Khan, is triple dipping, at present:  He is now the most powerful regional member of the New York State Assembly, which he has earned over the years, by continuously puckering up to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver; he has been the Chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) for many years, the chief fundraising arm for all county Democrats; and, he has just anointed his pride and joy, son Joe Morelle, Jr. as the next Monroe County Legislator, filling the vacancy left by Assemblyman Ted O'Brien's departure for the greener political pastures of Albany.  Morelle has balls bigger than church bells, yet far less holy, indeed.
  • When will the seemingly infinite number of local villages, towns, school districts, fire districts, police agencies, highway departments, etc., finally wake up, and do the dollars and cents-ible thing, and begin the process of local governmental consolidation, to save county residents boat-loads of taxpayer monies?  The Democrat & Chronicle claims Monroe County, with about 745,000 residents, sports 753 separate and distinct levels of local governance!  What a travesty.  Per capita, this metro has the highest local tax burden in the nation.  And then we are somehow shocked that few out of town, out of state businesses will relocate here.  This area is a national joke when it comes to fostering decent paying jobs, while retaining college grads we desperately need to pay for all the retirees in Greater Rochester.  When will we revolt against this kind of tax and spend tyranny?  Don't hold your breath, or you'll pass out, and hit your head.
  • Here's to supporting the Seneca Nation against the State of New York, in their on-going dispute over state gaming compacts, and the alleged violation of these agreements by the perpetually greedy in Albany.  The leadership of the Seneca Nation, and the owners of the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, NY, are livid over what they consider the scuttling of their gaming compact, when the State of New York allegedly violated these agreements by allowing racinos to open at Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, and Batavia Downs in the City of Batavia. The Seneca's claim these mini-casinos, with their hundreds of slot machines, were built well inside the Seneca's gaming territory (they were).  Now, cash strapped New York, and its agent, Governor Andrew Cuomo, have announced plans to open full casinos, gaming tables and all, well within said territorial boundaries.  Of course, I am not an attorney, but from a moral and ethical standpoint, there is something quite delicious about White Americans losing money at Native American casinos, considering the genocide that was visited upon the first inhabitants of North America, and more specifically, Western New York.  Go Senecas!

-Christopher J. Wilmot, Pittsford, NY

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Member Opinions:
By: admin on 2/18/13
Concerning Mr. Morelle Sr., he is exactly what comes about with too much power. Term limits are the only solution, but the people that can make that happen won't because they'd put themselves out of a very lucrative job, and won't give up the power that comes with longevity.

Somebody needs to come up with a solution to end these long term dynasties (Silver, Gantt, Morelle and more).

Concerning MCC, I think the college Administrators see the future at the Kodak property for long term usage, and I am going to trust their vision much more than I am a developer's. I personally support the Kodak facility, and have stood on the corner of Main & Clinton during school hours. Not pleasant environment.

Dave Malta
Webster, NY

By: admin on 2/18/13

A correction that I think is more than minor. You described Lt. Gov. Duffy as "politely" asking Councilmember Lovely Warren not to run. He actually used the word "travesty" -- he said it would be a "travesty" if she were to run. One can agree with the claim that stability would be better than a primary (I don't buy that particular argument), but I don't think one can reasonably say that Duffy's words were "polite."

Let's all stop apologizing for Bob Duffy. He puts his foot in his mouth way too often and gets a pass most of the time. This was an inappropriate comment that even roused the ire of Constance Mitchell -- not someone who often speaks out on day-to-day political events.

Or maybe we just have different ideas of what "polite" means. To me, it connotes some respect -- and Duffy's language clearly showed a lack of respect.

Aaron E. Wicks
Co-publisher, Smugtown Beacon
Rochester, NY

By: RepublicNY on 2/19/13
From a moral and ethical standpoint, I would agree that there are many legitimate criticisms and condemnations concerning how Native Americans had been treated by the US government and that the Senecas deserve their gaming compacts. Also for a moral and ethical standpoint I wouldn’t give US military forces that much credit for the depopulation of the North American continent (and New York State) considering that it was germs unwittingly brought over by European settlers, starting with the Spanish, that wiped out 95% of them.

Wesley Lowe
Fairport, NY

By: admin on 2/20/13
(from the Co-Owner & Publisher of the Smugtown Beacon, Christopher J. Wilmot):

Dear Aaron:

First, I stand corrected. Duffy did not "ask" Lovely Warren "politely" to refrain from running a primary against Mayor Tom Richards. Thus, I have changed my article accordingly. Thank you.

Secondly though, I still stand by my central point: It was neither sexist nor racist for Duffy, no matter how rudely or strenuously, to 'request' Ms. Warren not run for Mayor.

There is absoutely no proof what so ever that Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy was acting from some standpoint of inherent or unconcious bigotry when he expressed his opinion, no matter how strongly, that Ms. Warren not run. Just because Duffy is a White man, and Warren is a Black woman, in no way proves his demand was a function of prejudice, no matter what the revered Connie Mitchell might say.

These specious charges against Duffy are the exact opinions and actions that turn off voters in the middle, and center-right, to Liberal Democrats. The reaction to Duffy's stance is dangerous in that it is an example of reactionary Democrats crying (the racist) wolf, one too many times.

And, I don't know Bob Duffy any more, and I care not what his opinion of me might be.

I am an ardent progressive, a former Democrat, who helped file suit against New York State on the grounds that the State allows segregated school systems to exist, in violation of the State Constitution. I also tutor once a week at the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester, on Genesee Street.

These facts do not allow me to apply for saint-hood, but, these facts relative to who I am as a moral human being do allow me to identify a racist Red Herring, when I see--and smell--one.

Thank you.

Christopher J. Wilmot,
Pittsford, NY

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