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  • Welcome to Greater Rochester's boldest news, opinion, and information website!
  • We'd Like Your Opinion: The Smugtown Beacon Policy Regarding Comments & Attribution
  • Help Us Decide: If You Want the Smugtown Beacon to Continue, We Need Your Help with Content
  • Radical Islamic Horde Must Be Fought, and Vanquished
  • World Cup Fever: Humanity's Only Unifying 'Religion' is Both Utterly Spectacular, and Deeply Troubled
  • Can Race and Class be Discussed with Some Balance & Real Honesty?
  • Riot or Rebellion?
    Rochester News & Politics
  • Need a Job? They're Out There (Read On)
  • Rochester's Future
  • Why I Now Loathe Writing About Local Politics
  • Richards Irredentists Resurgent?
  • In the Words of WHEC TV-10: "Who Killed East High School?" We All Did.
    Global News and Opinion
  • In 2014, Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Highest in Nearly 1 Million Years
  • The Death of the Oceans
    Local and National Media Analysis
  • Media Analysis: CNN's Obsession with the Missing Malaysian Airliner.
    Facing Race in Rochester
  • Race and Privilege: Missed Opportunity and Rochester’s Ambition
  • War on Poverty: Changing Battlefield?
    Society and Culture
  • Time to Boycott Corporations & Chain Restaurants in Favor of Ma & Pa Local Alternatives?
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