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  • Welcome to Greater Rochester's boldest news, opinion, and information website!
  • We'd Like Your Opinion: The Smugtown Beacon Policy Regarding Comments & Attribution
  • Running for Office in the Present and Future
  • Media Analysis: CNN's Obsession with the Missing Malaysian Airliner.
  • The Death of the Oceans
  • War on Poverty: Changing Battlefield?
  • Op-Ed Briefs: Mayor (Not) Warren-ted in Brown Dismissal; When Will U.S.-NATO Show Russia Some Muscle? Phoenix Pit-Bull's Gotta Go
    Rochester News & Politics
  • City vs. School District
  • Henrietta Not Willing to Roll the Dice on Casino
  • An Ignored Anniversary?
  • Want to Take a Bite Out of Crime in Rochester? Outlaw Handguns
  • Watch the Latest Episode of the Smugtown Beacon Spotlight
    N.Y State & National Politics
  • A Party Without a Narrative
    Society and Culture
  • What Needs to GO, in America, and Greater Rochester
  • Why the Canadian Football League is More Entertaining than is the NFL
  • What is the Purpose of Prison?
  • In Defense of Jerry Seinfeld and Non-PC Humor
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